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7th Anniversary of the registered Partnership / 20.10.2013
Anubis Tatoo
In October 2006 all Things started with Michael and me - now 7 years later we are still there and kicking :)
A Lot has changed since the Start but life is Full of changes so no Wonder there.
We both Miss Moonchild (its also his Birthday today) have had ups and Downs on My side biggest change is the change in Location :)
Have a Good Sunday everyone regardless of the rain outside Arround here

moving domain
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I have not posted in a while but I am moving my domain to a new contract this is why my mail will not be accessable for a short while. If all goes well the domain and adresses will be back in 2 days I think - if not it takes a bit longer.
Sorry for the short notice though

Eventless Saturday
Anubis Tatoo
I have felt ok today but I am again alone like so often in the last time since I came.
I went to the Laundry and cleaned up this weeks clothing however I was really thinking as I need the money normally for food.
The banks inflexibility has got to a big point of anger on my point. Without real cash I can get almost nothing arround here.
Having some space on Visa does not help much. You are in Germany here... Creditcards are not taken everywhere.
Where the logic is not really good - I can not pull even 50€ i n cash currently but I could spent a lot more on Visa ....
Fun and games with Banks as it seems.
Heads up focusing on more positive things: I got the laundry done, got some food from the local Aldi, have meats too so thats not all that bad.
Next week I need to talk to all my banks as well to my employer if they can do another advance payment please as I am quite broke moneywise.

Anyones Idea is welcome at this point and time. I can only live day to day now.
no Fun at all.
To top things I am no longer able to post from the iphone or iPad currently - the app just has a bug i think because all updates here are working as they should

Good Morning Wednesday
Anubis Tatoo
Things have been pretty Good lately - i have been chatting away over 10 hours yesterday. The companies still have to work Out the contract side so i have to Sit And wait until I get News what to do when. The Situation has been Frustrationen a Bit but it Gives me Time to Explore the town a Bit more.
Today i will Try to buy some small Things And have a Look at the City Parks if i can.
I do Miss My Lion And i know he does Miss me but we call a Lot so this i think is Good :)
ihave been really Highly on the emotional highrollers Again. Being alone does Not do any Good sometimes. Its to f* quiet And other Things i Hardy can Coup with.
I probably will Meet someone that is Interested in Meeting me today too so i will See if i can make New contracts And Friends in this town.
Life is so much better with Friends :)

For yesterday
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As every Day i Start this Post with the Morning wrap up:
Had a Good Night sleep which unusual for New places but i Woke up early Arround 5:00 this Morning.
Managed to get passable by 6:00 And tried to get some bread or anything for breakfast - the Bakeries in Dortmund seem to Open later which is ok if you know it, i Managed to get some Sweet stuff And bread by 6:30 .
Started the Day Real Dressed up - Went to the railwaystation And Managed to get a month Ticket which is Good i suppose.
Then i Almost was Late for HP but i got that also on Time so no issues there.
They Sat me into the Unix ERP Team to get started. The Team Members are knowledgable And Good People from that i saw.
Tried to get the Access Card And some hw to work with - Keycard was recieved And i Hoped for an enjoyable Rest of the Day.
Later in the afternoon i was notified that some contractual disagreement was found And therefore i had to leave the HP Part of the Building for today.
It seems they want to Start it now mid month on Arround the 15th. I am Not fascinated about it but i will Stay up in Dortmund because otherwise Even more Costs would come in. Still Need to Figure something Out there- Maybe more Info tomorrow.
I am Not happy at the Moment just for that reason. I have put Almost all on My side on the line now.
Technically Things would be ok because the contract is Not directly with hp but still. Please do Play honorable with me.

On the Way to Dortmund
Anubis Tatoo

I have done it!
After Last Nights Good bye to neighbors i am today on the move to Dortmund.
Had an early wake up call this Morning arround 5:45am but i Took the Chance And Finished up some last urgent Things.
Had a wonderfull breakfast with my Lion which Mood picked up And got to a Point of peaking into almost happiness - i am Glad to See this change in Michael as i know usually Moving is not one of his favorite Themes. The Lion pushed Michael to literaly Dance looking into the Future
I have Good Faith that all will be working tomorrow.
Strange Feeling to Leave still After about 10 years there in Geltendorf.
Picking up And go is also Not my favorite but its something that has some Future.
I have now 1hour 40 Minutes until 11:07 am at Stuttgart.
Its a Step into New ways in multiple direction. My Main Way to Post Things will be either iPhone or iPad for right now.
So please bear with me in the respect that autocorrect does interfere a lot with typing here.
I will keep you posted :)

A Night with a Lot of Sensation
Anubis Tatoo

The Last Nights Events were so sentual And Sexual i will Refrain from a Lot of Details. Just burning Need for giving into attention from my Remote friend. Just Shorted every Fuze there was . But as both aggreed all was allowed i can only tell you i got Remote licked all over And i ment all over ;).
Some furries would have been jellous getting that Sensation without touching anyone physically . Woof i would say. When i Took a shower this Morning i still had a Feeling of a Second Skin Layer which Caused Shivers Down my spine :) with a Strong Sense of smell going with it. Crazy Woof today ;)

I am on the Way to Munich the Moment getting a haircut maybe if its possible :)
If you think that is all i think that will Not be all today ;) Smile

Preparation Phase started
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I have been preparing for the move to Dortmund the Last Day or two And i still have the Feeling i would Forget a Lot :) Lol Not a Good sign but on the Other half Things have smoothened out quite a bit. Tried to be Calming to Michael as well but he also Picks up on my Own nervous State so i am Not much help at the Moment . Since the Money Came in i will go up to visit my mom in that elder care fascility she is living in. In fact i am writing this from my iPhone :)
I have had marvelous support from
My Friends giving me the needed hold when needed And i am thankful for it.
I am kinda both Sad for Leaving but also Looking forward to See New Places - Meeting New People And get to know Dortmund And the area in the process.
I will keep you Updated on how Things work Out :).
Have a Good Day everyone - may the light follow your Path as well.

Best regards,
Harald aka Anubclaw

PS: i know exactly how the Lion Feels - i Feel similar - 7 years we are living together but never we were so far appart *hugs* the Lion And smiles - i Love you dear :) And i Hold you as Good as i can

Problem solving one by one
Anubis Tatoo
Dear Readers,
I have had a blast looking at some of the transformation videos on Youtube - of course none come anything close in real life but that is what fiction is for: Exaguration and Emphase on Stereotypes.
So it is no wonder that there are some good and bad ones out there.
Today I received the money for the train-ticket to Dortmund and to get some things going.
Of Course I was not able to book online like I usually do because of the problem with the last payment.
So I will walk down to the machine later today and get this ticket taken care of.
Seems like the distress goes away slowly - but I know when it comes up to get everything ready I will start to tense up again.

I feel myself pretty well today - have seen many things tonight in my dreams including but not limited to rotating Chrystals and this place with the
strange looking walls and the dripping blood again - is just odd how much of ones selfes trouble is manifesting in dreams.
Ignoring the fact that in the past my dreams have violently become true - so this was the point where I wanted to stop dreaming as a kid.
Later on I was trying to regain some of the dream ability thru the help from some people online - however I think I will never regain full
capacity on those dreams - *kicks my own butt for beeing so scared as a kid*

Flow between me and my twin flame is becoming strong so I feel more supportted doing the next steps in this move forward.
Even I have a deep fascination with Blood or dripping blood I am not a bad person. Its just a curiousity on my part.
So I will continue to get things rolling on the new path. And somewhat I am looking forward to it.

Oh btw: My Partner the Lion wants that I would add some stuff for him on here so I will see what I can do there.
So far I can say my partner has become very supportive for Dortmund and has today a good mood. Even the morning hug was
more Lion like then before so I think his lion is coming a good way now. Growing on his own which is good. He even drinks coffee
today which he usually avoids.

Howls from the wolf and the lion everyone :)

Problems seem to become lighter
Anubis Tatoo
After talking for hours with different people about the money side of things and how to resolve the knot it seems that the
Problems start to resolve today - I had information that my partner is getting access to my accounts so he can get money if he needs it
and I was able to get the future employer to look into more options on how to get arround the 1st week.
Seems that all goes better now so I am not complaining.
Yesterday I was able to find some advice about twin flames and soulmates which was quite interesting.
it just throws strings on my current development with a now close friend online.
I am happy he allowed myself to express in many ways throught last night so I finally no longer hunting after a sparring partner of some sorts.
I have mine it seems and the trust I received was so rewarding that I would bite myself if I would hurt anyone in the process.
Strange things happen in many ways it seems. All will be good as we are One and will be whole as soon as we meet in real life i am sure.
Still would need some defence mechanisms up and running because I feel vulnerable if the "wrong" people would get a hand on things.
Until I was lucky that my friends are good in that respect.
With the friends I have now I feel richer and happier as with a whole lot of money - ok it would take out the stress but I have so much learned
thru my loved alpha, and the other people I got to know that its remarkable.
If you are unsure about twin flame please check out the Video:

Its been an eye opener for things I knew but I was not able to put a word to until yesterday.

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